Know more.


InBody allows us to test your body composition in just a few minutes at the gym.  No dunking under water & no pinch tests. It is as easy as stepping on a bathroom scale.

Once you complete a test, the machine will print you a results sheet, which will tell you certain biomarkers such as:

  • how much Lean Body Mass (LBM) you have
  • how much weight you need to lose to get into a healthier range, or, how much you need to gain to get into a healthier range
  • the amount (in lbs) of water in your body
  • how much skeletal muscle mass you have
  • and your percent body fat

InBody also keeps track of past scans so you can see progress right on your results sheet.

After your test our coaches will go over your results and help you decide what changes to your lifestyle and/or training will help you achieve your goals.





InBody Assessment (1 scan)

$35 CFVC member, $49 non-member

InBody Challenge (4 scans)

$99 CFVC member, $149 non-member

To purchase and schedule your scan please contact us or ask any of our coaches at the gym.